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Let a Real Trader Help You To Recoup Back Your Losses & Help You Make $100 to $1,000+ Every Month By Copying His Trade To Your Account.

You Only Have to Pay The Fee When The Service Makes You Profits By The End of The Month...

From The Desk of Kelvin (Founder of

Dear Trader

If you're like many people who would like to make extra income from forex trading or replace their day job to become a full time trader or looking for ways to recoup your previous trading losses, you've most probably already purchased numerous forex courses with little, if any, results to show for it.

After some time, you might begin to think whether it is really possible to make money from trading currency. Well, I've some good news for you here.

One of the main reasons is because there are far too many courses or signal services that are created by marketers who pose as traders trying to make money from new traders like you.

I bet most of you are attracted to Forex after seeing those high promises ads in your local newspaper or website banners.

I can assure you that those high promises are gimmicks created by marketers that will not be fulfilled. What I am doing with my blog and course is to serve as a wake up call for new traders before they lost big sum of their hard earned money after seeing those promises which do not deliver.

Sad to say that most people who came to my website has already lost some money after going through those lousy courses and most of them lost their money from those so call Forex robot created by marketers.

Therefore I decided to come out with my Forex Trade Copier Service to help my students recoup back their previous losses and grow their account while they are learning how to trade from me.


There are 2 main purposes for setting up this service.

1) It is to help my students recoup back those previous money that they have lost

2) It is to help my students make a few hundred to thousand dollar every month to improve their life

so that they can concentrate on practicing what I teach them on a demo account and will not rush to trade a live account without being ready.

For this service, it comes with a "Pay Only For Profitable Month" policy that is only available on my website as I am very confident about my trading skills.

There are far too many forex signals in the market that are created by marketers simply by generating random signals which causes a lot of new traders to have their account wiped out. That is why I decided to come up with this service to help new traders make money in forex.

For example, if the month of August is not profitable or you make less than 5% profits for the month, you will not be charged a single cent for that month. If the service grows your account more than 5% for the month, then you will have to pay the fee of the service for the month.

I dare to say that this is the only trade copier service that dares to give such a promises to its users. This is strictly because every user of this service is a student of mine and I want to help you grow your account while you are still practicing what I taught you in the course.

This is to ensure that your account grows as the month goes by as the purpose of this service is to help my students grow their account while they learn how to trade from my course.

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So How Does My Trade Copier Service Works

Most signal service in the market will show you where to enter a trade after you log into the platform and the most common problem that you will face in this type of signal is late entry. Entering late increase your risk in a trade as your risk reward ratio is shorten due to a bigger stop loss and smaller profits.

Sometime, you will even find that the trade has taken profits already when you log into the signal platform. Therefore I am not going to provide you with this type of signal service.

What I will do is to provide you with a trade copier service whereby all my trades are copied into your trading platform automatically without you having to trigger the trade yourself.

All you need to do is to install a trade copier software into your MT4 platform and your account will be link to mine.

Below is what you need to do

Step 1: You will have to download a copier software from the members area

Step 2: Install it into your MT4 platform (Any Broker)

Once you do that, your MT4 platform will be linked to one of my trading account which is specially setup for this service. Do note that your money is still in your own broker account and you do not have to send me your capital to trade in this service. Depositing and withdrawing of your capital is still done by you and not me.

Whenever I enter a trade, a similar trade will be triggered on your platform with the same stop loss and target profit setting as mine.

As I have the habit of shifting the stop loss to breakeven to protect my account, you will see that your stop loss will be shifted to breakeven like mine.

In other words, you will make the same amount of percentage growth as my account that is specially setup for this trade copier service.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Q1: Will I be able to have full access to your MT4 account once you install the copier software?

A1: Nope, I will not have access to your trade copier and I do not even know how much money you have in your account.

What this copier software does is to copy my trade to your account and nothing else. I can not log into your MT4 nor can I withdraw any money from your account.

The copier software I use is from a very reliable company and this is the software that professional institution are using as well.

Q2: As your account size is different from mine, how many lot will I be entering per trade. It cannot be the same lot size as yours right?

A2: The copier software will enter the lot size based on the percentage risk per trade on my side. For example, if I have $20,000 and you have $2,000.

When I risk 5% per trade and my stop loss is 25 pips, I will be entering 4 lots on my side but the system will enter 0.4 lots on your side for you so that you will also be risking 5% per trade.

Of course, you can set a fix lot size per trade yourself on the control panel of the trade copier software. For some student, they want to enter 1 lot per trade and they will just set it as 1 lot per trade.

Q3: Can I still enter trade on the same MT4 platform myself

A3: Yes, the MT4 account is still yours and you can definitely trade on that account. I do not have any control on your MT4 platform.

Q4: Must I use the broker you recommend or can I use any broker myself for this service

A4: Nope. You can use any broker of your own choice as long as they have MT4 platform.

Q5: What if I join your Forex Street University today but I still do not have a MT4 account yet. Will the 30 days trial start once I join the course?

A5: The 30 days trial do not start the moment you purchased my course. All students will get one FREE 30 days trial to my trade copier service and there is no time limit when you must use it.

You can join the course today and use the trade copier 6 months later and there is no problem.

Will All The Trades Be Winning Trades

If you are a reader of my forex blog, you will know that I always tell the truth as I do not want to risk my reputation by telling lies. There is no way a trader can win 100% of the time even if those trades are carefully selected and fulfil 100% of the trading conditions.

Therefore you will still get losing trades with this service but the good thing about this service is that the strategies that I use are all with high risk reward ratio.

You can sometime see trades with 1:4 risk reward ratio. Some students have emailed me telling me how excited they are after they see a 100 pips profits from one single trade.

The high risk reward is to make sure that you will be profitable at the end of the month even if your strategies do not win 100% of the time.

This is one service that you must not miss. It is unlike those signal service in the market which placed large stop loss hoping that the market will not hit it and they will exit the trade with a small profits. These are works of people who do not know how to trade but still want to make money from selling this service.

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How Can You Join This Service

Since the main purpose of this service is to give you time to learn how to trade yourself while I help you to grow your account, this service is only available to students of my Fx Street University.

If you are interested in getting into the chance of having me to trade your account for you, simply log into your Fx Street University course members area and then go to the module 1 and there will be a link for you to join this service.

Do note that you can cancel this service at any time without any hassle as I believe that some of you will be able to trade profitably yourself within a few months of completing this course.

Due to overwhelming response, there are limited slots available. Therefore if you are really interested, you can join my Fx Street University Course now and you will get the link to join this service for 30 Days FREE so that you can have a feel of the performance of this signal.

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For this service, you can trade with any amount of money and any broker of your own choice.

To Your Success,


P.S. Dun Miss This Rare Chance To Get Your Accounts Traded by Me