Finally: Real World Trader Allows You To Tap Into His Trading Platform To Generate Profits For You

How About Getting Me To Trade Your Account For You While You Study & Practice My Strategies In My Forex Street University

From The Desk of Kelvin

Dear Trader

If you're like many people who would like to make extra income from forex trading or replace their day job to become a full time trader or looking for ways to recoup your previous trading losses, you've most probably already purchased numerous forex courses with little, if any, results to show for it.

After some time, you might begin to think whether it is really possible to make money from trading currency. Well, I've some good news for you here,

This is a forex trade copier service where I will help you to trade your account while you put your heart and soul in learning and practicing my 8 strategies in the Forex Street University course. This is to allow you to focus completely in learning from me as I will help you to grow your trading account during the process. (DO note that this service is only available to student of my Forex Street University course)

If you are a student of my course, please see below for information on how to get into this service. Frankly speaking, I am pretty reluctant to do this at the beginning when I was approached by several students of my Forex Street University course as I do not like the idea of helping people to make money while they do nothing at all.

I prefer to teach you how to fish rather than fishing for you.

Throughout these years of maintaining a forex blog ( with such a high readership, I started to realize that one of the main reason why most new traders do not want to trade on a demo account and instead prefer to start trading live account which usually ended up as a disaster is they are eager to start making money from trading to supplement their current lifestyle.

Therefore they do not have the patience to trade the demo account which is actually the key to helping them hone their skills in executing those reliable strategies that they have learned.

So I will say why not let me help you to trade your account and grow your money while you spent your time learning from my Forex Street University course. Most importantly, this service is also setup to help a lot of traders recoup back those hard earned money that they have lost in trading forex.

I am not intending to help you trade forever as this is not a healthy way of helping people. I will only helping you until you are able to trade profitably yourself after taking my Forex Street University Course.

The Forex Street University course comprises of 8 reliable forex strategies that I personally used all these years. Since I am able to generate consistent profits from these 8 strategies, I don't see why you can't.

Once you have mastered how to execute my strategies with perfection, you will not need me to trade for you anymore as you are able to do it yourself.

Most signal service in the market will show you where to enter a trade after you log into the platform and the most common problem that you will face in this type of signal is late entry. Entering late increase your risk in a trade as your risk reward ratio is shorten due to a bigger stop loss and smaller profits.

Sometime, you will even find that the trade has taken profits already when you log into the signal platform. Therefore I am not going to provide you with this type of signal service.

What I will do is to provide you with a trade copier service whereby all my trades are copied into your trading platform automatically without you having to trigger the trade yourself.

Below is what you need to do

Step 1: You will have to download a slave trading software from the members area of this forex signal profits platform

Step 2: Install it into your MT4 platform (Any Broker)

Once you do that, your MT4 platform will be linked to one of my trading account which is specially setup for this service. Do note that your money is still in your own broker account and you do not have to sent me your capital to trade in this service. Depositing and withdrawing of your capital is still done by your broker and not me.

I am merely linking your trading account with your broker with mine so that whenever I enter a trade on that platform, the slave software will enter a similar trade on your platform as well. When I set my stop loss and target profit for the trade, your slave software will set the same stop loss and target profits on your platform.

You will sometime notice that your stop loss has been pulled to breakeven automatically, this is because I have pulled my stop loss to breakeven on my side.

It means that you are going to enter the same trades as me which is why I says that I am going to trade your account.

In this service, I will only enter trades from 1 high risk reward ratio and good winning percentage strategy in my Forex Street University course for this service. Please note that you will be expected a few trades every month from this service.

If you are a reader of my forex blog, you will know that I always tell the truth as I do not want to risk my reputation by telling lies. There is no way a trader can win 100% of the time even if those trades are carefully selected and fulfil 100% of the trading conditions.

In fact, I do not give any guarantee that you will have profits every single month with this service. Do note that this service do not make use of the Break The Bands Strategy as I am afraid that you guys will stop practicing it as I am already making profits with the strategy for you.

That is why risk reward ratio is so important for a trader, this is to make sure that you will be profitable at the end of the month even if your strategies do not win 100% of the time.

So What Is The Trading Results So Far

January 2014: 30% Growth

February 2014: -15% Growth

March 2014: 30% Growth

April 2014: 30% Growth

May 2014: -15% Growth

June 2014: 40% Growth

July 2014: 40% Growth

August 2014: 30% Growth

September 2014: -15% Growth

This is one service that you must not miss. It is unlike those signal service in the market which placed large stop loss hoping that the market will not hit it and they will exit the trade with a small profits. These are works of people who do not know how to trade but still want to make money from selling this service.

What Others Are Saying About This Service

Below are emails that I have received after hitting 4 consecutive wins in a row

Since the main purpose of this service is to give you time to learn how to trade yourself while I help you to grow your account, this service is only available to students of my forex mastery course.

For those of you who are already my Forex Mastery students, you will be charged $197 every month for this service. Although some of you may find the price a bit steep, the profits that you are going to gain from this service is way more than what you are paying every month. I hope that you will not withdraw out those profits that I have generated for you with this service so that you will have a large capital to trade with when you are able to trade profitably using my strategies in the Forex Mastery Course.

Do note that you can cancel this service at any time without any hassle as I believe that some of you will be able to trade profitably yourself within a few months of completing this course.

Once you made the payment, please look out an email which will link you to the registration page to setup your slave software on your MT4 platform.

If you are interested in getting into the chance of having me to trade your account for you, simply log into your Forex Street University course members area and then go to the module 1 and there will be a link for you to join this service.

Due to constant request from students, I have opened another 50 slots today and once it is taken up, it will be closed again. So if you are a student of my Forex Street University course, please log into your members area and go to Module 1 where there is a link for you to get into this service.

If you are not yet a student of my course, you can do so now at

For this service, you can trade with any amount of money and any broker of your own choice. However I will personally suggest you to have a minimum of $2,000 in your trading account so that I can grow your account to a decent amount when you are ready to take over.

To get into this service, simply join my Forex Street University course and then go to the module 1 of your members area and there will be a link for you to join this service.

To Your Success,

P.S. Dun Miss This Rare Chance To Get Your Accounts Traded by Me